From the Shadow of the

Fourteenth Row 



Australian Pink Floyd

Butch Walker Walker

Chili Cook Off Stone Mountai GA

 DefLeppard 7-7-07

Doors of the 21st Century /ROTS


Peter Frampton



Panic at the Disco

Paul Rodgers

Paul Rogers & Queen

REO Speedwagon

REO Can't Stop Rockin 6-21-09

Ross Coppley and Michael Moore with The 35 Cent Rodeo

Shaw Blades

STYX 2004

STYX 2005

STYX 2006

STYX 7-7-07

STYX 2008

STYX Can't Stop Rockin 6-21-09

Talk Journey to Me

Tenacious D

The Format

Trey Anistasio

Van Halen 2008



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