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I am Doug Philbrick and no that's NOT me, but it is my car. My buddy Tom Dugan built it for me. You can check him out at He builds some bad ass Mustangs.

I suspect you have figured out by now I am a STYX fan and I love to take pictures. I started taking pictures when I was 13 when I was forced into taking this new elective class, "Beginning Photography". I was not happy, I was expecting Wood Shop or Metal shop, you know one of those manly courses! Well 30+ years later I have a passion.

I grew up in the LA harbor area and I started working for real rock bands at 16. Although I had a great beginning I did need to make real money so I started working for a company that made equipment for electronics manufacturing. 30 years later I am still in the electronics industry and I still love to take pictures.

 I have a wife and 2 grown kids. We go to lots of concerts every year, it's been a family tradition since my wife and I first started dating. Our first concert together was, who else, STYX, April 1, 1983, "Kilroy was Here". We saw it at a small opera house in NYC. We both remember it like it was yesterday. Our kids have been going to shows since they were both very young. Donovan's first show was Tom Petty and Chelsea saw, who else, STYX "Return to Paradise" tour in 1996 at the ripe old age of 8. Chelsea has now seen STYX over 15 times and met the band on many occasions. The kids continue to explore new bands but their love lies with the "classics" Donovan is into a wide variety of music, way too much to mention and Chelsea love's bands like The Doors, Beatles,  The Format and of course STYX.



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